F1 Hype: 2012 Monaco Grand Prix (Quick Result)

Just before the biggest spectacle in racing was about to take place in Indy, across the pond Formula 1 had their biggest race of the year among the super wealthy and famous in glamorous Monte Carlo for the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix.  Billions of dollars in fame and personal fortune showed up to cheer on their favorite Formula 1 drivers and there were tons of celebrity sightings as many movie stars were in the area for the Cannes Film Festival that was going on just down the rivera.  Beyond all the actors and billionaires the big surprise for race fans over the weekend was Michael Schumacher setting the fastest time for qualifying and breaking the track record (which was his).  However, the celebration was short lived as despite his stellar performance Michael would be sent back 5 spots on the grid as part of a penalty for an incident he had with Bruno Senna in the previous race.  With Schumacher sent back a few rows it was Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber who gained the pole position for the weekend.  From here I bet you can imagine what happened right?  For those who don’t know, Monaco is famous for two things: all the rich people that show up to watch and, the fact that the course is notoriously narrow and it extremely difficult to pass.  Well, I guess that is three things technically but the way it goes is that who ever is on the pole typically wins the race.  This year was no different as Mark Webber held off the field for the entire race to take the win in Monaco.  Nico Rosberg managed a second place finish and Fernando Alonso captured third.  There were a few eventful moments and to hear about it all freel free to watch the SPEED trio talk it over.

[Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images]

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