Nissan Hype: Tommy Kaira “Silver Wolf” GT-R

Remember Tommy Kaira?  My first exposure to the Japanese tuner was the very first Gran Turismo for Playstation.  Their one-offs of Japanese supercars were wet dream fodder for any Japanese car enthusiast.  Well despite the economic downturn Tommy is still kicking and still tinkering with Japan’s best.  The “Silver Wolf” is Tommy Kaira’s take on the Nissan GT-R.  Their package is mostly superficial though with the crazy body kit you see in the picture plus a completely redone interior.  Although they do add some performance with a titanium exhaust and improve stopping power with an AP Brake kit.  I will say they took it too far with the sicssor doors though.  A bit over the top there Tommy!

Anyhow if you want the exterior parts for yourself, the complete kit will set you back about 1,600,000 yen or just under $19,600 USD.  Not to mention a 4 to 6 month wait since everything will be coming to you via boat from Japan, which means you would probably want to spring for the “Godzilla insurance”…


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