German Hype: HAMANN Hawk Roadster

I really like the Mercedes SLS AMG.  I also really like the Mercedes SLS AMG roadster.  In stock form I think both cars are great, awesome even.  Which is why I am torn by what HAMANN did with it in their new “HAWK” tuning package which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show a short while back.  While I am a die-hard proponent of the aftermarket, there are some cars that I think should just be left alone for the most part.  The SLS AMG is one of those cars in my opinion.   However, despite its busy nature (non functional vents, etc) I actually find myself becoming a fan of this package.  The wheels look great and the aero package really does lend itself to the original lines of the car.  The red carbon fiber in the interior is a bit much but I think I like the exterior treatment.  I also give credit to HAMANN for boosting power a bit by including a re-worked chip and exhaust system in their tuning package.  What do you think of the “HAWK”?



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