Gaming Hype: New DiRT Showdown Trailer “Massive Destruction” (Video)

Today Codemasters dropped a new trailer for the upcoming DiRT Showdown game.  In this new spot called “Massive Destruction” we get some gameplay teasers of “Rampage” mode and “Knock Out” mode.  In Rampage mode 8 cars are put in a massive arena and the objective is to just go rip-sh*t riot on each other demo derby style until there is only one car left running.  Knock Out mode is similar but instead of an arena all the combatants are on a raised platform and the objective is to “knock” everyone else off.  Although if you do get knocked off you can still get back into the fight via a ramp on the side of the platform.  Points are earned for each car the player knocks off and if they “own” the platform by being the only one on it.

Personally, I am looking forward to Knock Out mode!  Check out the trailer below as well as some new screen shots from Codemasters.


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