F1 Hype: Malaysia Grand Prix (Quick Result)

Just one week after the season opener in Australia the Formula 1 field was ready to go in Malayisa.  The weather was an issue in Malasyia from the second the field showed up as the tempratures swung from very hot to pouring rain.  Hamilton managed to capture another pole position in qualifying just as he did in Australia and he was determined not to throw it away during the race like he did once before.  When the lights went out in Malaysia Hamilton held off his teammate Jenson Button (who qualified 2nd) in the first corner and retained the lead.  Unfortunately Hamilton’s lead was short lived as just 9 laps into the race a severe downpour hit the circut forcing the officials to red flag the race. 

After an hour of waiting out the rain the drivers were allowed to resume the race but all the teams were scrambling with trying to work out when to switch tires and what type of tires they should switch to in an effort to predict what mother nature would do next.  McLaren dropped the ball when they kept Hamilton out longer and had Button come in to the pits first.  When Hamilton came in Button grabbed the lead away from his teammate but then he suffered contact with rookie Indian driver Narain Karthikeyan which damaged the nose on Button’s McLaren forcing him to come back into the pits.  From there Fernando Alonso took the lead.  Hamilton was holding on to second but lost position to Sergio Perez as Hamilton struggled to find grip.

In the end Fernando Alonso took the checkered flag with Sergio Perez in tow managing his first ever Podium finish, followed by Lewis Hamilton capturing third.

[Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images AsiaPac]

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