Nissan GT-R Hype: BenSopra Wide Body Kit

Widebody Porsches are nice (Thanks RWB) but I personally would like to see more widebody Japanese cars so I should thank BenSpora for what they are doing with the Nissan GT-R.  If you have not heard of BenSopra of Japan it is likely because they normally deal with Lamborghinis but with the resurgence of godzilla, BenSopra has decided to apply their talents to Japan’s favorite supercar.  While there are not many widebody kits for the GT-R I will say I really like what BenSopra has done here.  My favorite part about the kit is that the entire front end is actually one piece.  I am not sure if that improves aerodynamic efficiency much but I just think its cool that they took that step, and I am not the only one that thinks so.  GReddy chose BenSopra to outfit their 35RX top speed time attack car.  In fact, if you live state side and you are interested in a BenSopra kit for your GT-R you can actually order one through GReddy instead of doing it the hard way and trying to go through BenSopra Japan directly.  I am guessing it is only a matter of a few months before we see the first BenSopra kit stateside.



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