Hype Video: “Irwindale 120 FPS” By Will Roegge

When I went to the Formula Drift finalle at Irwindale at the end of 2011 I saw none other than Mr. Will Roegge AKA “The Pharrell Of Automotive Video” carrying around a RED camera.  If you are unfamilar a RED camera is a very high quality (and very expensive) digital video camera that has been used to shoot hollywood feature films like Underworld, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and even the new Spiderman film.  I knew that a camera like that in the hands of someone like Roegge would mean we were in for a serious treat, which is exactly what you will see below.  Will has just released his first edit shot with the RED camera of Irwindale shot at 120 frames per second, which lends itself to some beautiful slow motion shots.  Scroll down and check it out.

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