Hype Collab: Voltex Japan x Evasive Motorsports Honda S2000 Body Kit Available In March

Way back in 2009 the guys from Evasive Motorsports began a collaboration with the aero masters of Voltex Japan on a body kit for the Honda S2000.  Evasive offered up a brand new S2k for the Voltex artists to scuplt upon and evetually a prototype was made.  Evasive then spent the next year and a half developing and testing the kit at time attack events and numerous trackdays.  Now after all the sketching, sculpting, testing, and driving Evasive has announced that their Voltex collab kit will finally be available for public consumption this year with first shipments arriving in March.  Hopefully you found some way to pre-order this kit from them a long time ago, otherwise you are probably looking at a pretty lengthy waiting list.  Although I would probably say the wait will be worth it!

[Source: Evasive Motorsports Blog]

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