10 Things That Should Be On Your Gift List #9: F1 2011 By Codemasters For Nintendo 3DS (With Video)

We have all been stuck in hopelessly boring situations: waiting in line, stuck on a long plane trip, listening to people.  All those those aforementioned things suck!  However there is a new and awesome way to pass time, especially if your a Formula 1 fan.  Codemasters has released F1 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system!  So not only can you race around the world on the go but you can do it in 3D with no dorky glasses!  This is not a super condensed version of the console game either.  Players still get all the teams, cars, and tracks from the 2011 F1 season,  multiplayer via LAN or wi-fi with up to four players, season co-op mode, and there is even an exclusive 3DS feature in which players can put their fastest lap-times up against passers-by via the 3DS’ “streetpass” feature.

You can find the game at Best Buy or Gamestop or any other major retailer for about 40 bucks which makes this a great and easy to find gift for the racing fan in your life, just make sure they have a Nintendo 3DS.  If not you can pick one up for about 170 bucks.  If you are the racing fan and you are reading this then trust us when we tell you this game is a must for your wish list this year.  Stay tuned for more suggestions!

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