10 Things That Should Be On Your Gift List #8: Forza Motorsport 4

If your one of the few gear heads on earth who does not own Forza Motorsport 4 yet then you should definitely add it to your gift list for the holidays this year.  Over the years the Forza Motorsport series has really come into its own and has gone from a pretender to the Gran Turismo throne to the king of the realm.  There is also so much more for players to explore in the latest chapter including Top Gear challenges and the beautiful Autovista mode, which when coupled with Microsoft Kinect lets the player take a virual walk around of a long list of beautiful supercars and other cars that are notable to the car lover culture.  This game is a MUST HAVE if you love cars even just a little bit.  If you do not have an Xbox 360 then go ahead and put one of those on the list too or buy one because it is worth getting the console just for this game!  If you want to know exactly why we love it so much then check out our review.

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