10 Things That Should Be On Your Gift List #3: Anything Top Gear Related

If loving cars is a religon then Top Gear is our bible and James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson are our three wisemen.  Blasphomey aside, Top Gear really is an insitution for lovers of all things automotive.  For years Captian Slow, Hamster, and Jezza have entertained us with their ridiculous stunts and got us talking with their reviews of everything from million dollar supercars to the latest econobox from Brand X car company.  In return fans would love to get their hands on damn near anything with the Top Gear logo on it.  Top Gear UK goods are tricky to get, mostly because they have to come from the UK but they will be an instant hit with the car lover in your life and if you are the car lover writing your list and you haven’t included any Top Gear swag in your list yet then slap yourself in the face and correct the problem.  Some quick easy to get hints would be DVDs of any of the Top Gear seasons.  They are easy enough to find on BestBuy.com or Amazon.com and they range between 20-50 bucks.

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