10 Things That Should Be On Your Gift List #1: Skip Barber Racing School

The one thing that any race car or even car fan wants to do before they die is drive in a real race car.  It is easily at the top of the mountain when it comes to things that people like us desire.  We dream about it in our sleep and daydream about it when we should probably be doing our work.  It among the end-all-be-all of coveted tangibles among car lovers.  There is a way for people who desire such things to obtain them thanks to Skip Barber Racing School.  Skip Barber is arguably the biggest, best racing school in the country.  Many of the best racers from the last two decades have graduated from Skip Barber’s cirrculum and have participated in Skip Barber’s racing series.  To this day Skip Barber is still part of a motorsports ladder (thanks to Mazda) that allows someone to climb up from kart racing all the way up to Indy Car racing.  If you really want to make your beloved car person’s dream come true surprise them with a trip to a 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day Skip Barber school.  There are so many experiences to have at Skip Barber that probably could not fit it all in a single post but know that Skip makes it possible to get behind the wheel of everything from a Porsche to a MX-5 cup car, to a full out open wheel racer!  Skip Barber is not based at just one track either, they have schools coast to coast at some of the best tracks in the country like Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Road America. While the prices are pretty steep we can almost gurantee you that they will NEVER forget the experience.  Also there are current holiday discounts that ease the load on the wallet a bit.  We realize that not everyone can afford to do something like this for their loved ones but if you can we highly reccomend it, which is why we reserved this for the top of our list.  There you have it!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of all 10 things in case you need a refresher.

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