SEMA 2011: Mazdaspeed Booth

Even though SEMA is mostly about the aftermarket, over the recent years OEMs have come to the party as well.  While Ford and GM usually have a huge auto show like presence there are other manufactuers that keep it short and sweet.  Mazda for example sent only their Mazdaspeed performance arm out to the show.  Their booth was small but they had a few really great gems.  Easily the favorite car of the booth was the “Turbo2”.  No, we are not talking about a second gen RX-7.  The Turbo2 is Mazda making a lot of people very happy by shoehorning a Mazdaspeed3 turbo engine into the tiny titan known as the Mazda2.  While Mazda maintains that the Turbo2 is simply a concept build and there are “no current plants for production” they did reach out to Mazda fans via twitter asking if a turbo’d Mazda2 would be something of interest to them.  We are going to guess that the answer they got was a resounding “YES!”  Although we are not sure if that would be enough for Mazda to consider a production Turbo2, but we can still hope!

Also on hand in the Mazdaspeed booth was the MX-5 Spyder concept.  The MX-5 Spyder is a re-imagining of the current MX-5 but with the class turned way up by ditching the hard top for a chic single pannel sweeping soft top which changes the lines of the car completely but for the better.  To keep with Mazda’s commitment to “green” performance the MX-5 Spyder’s MZR engine runs on isobutanol which has an even less significant impact on the environment than ethanol.

Rounding out the booth were a few goodies from last year like the Super20 and the 3DCarbon Mazda2 as well as a few race cars like their ALMS racer and a vintage RX-7.  You can see it all below in our Flickr slideshow.

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