SEMA 2011: Factory Five GTM Kit Car

What? Another SEMA post? Yes. Another!  We have tons of cool stuff to show you from SEMA.  We are still going over the cool cars, we haven’t even got to the awesome products yet!  Anyway this post is all about an insane kit car from “Factory Five” known as the GTM.  Basically the GTM is a build-it-yourself supercar that is a modpodge of parts from GM and Porsche with some turbos thrown in and put together in a frame with a result that weighs only 2350lbs!  If you assemble this thing correctly it will beat an Enzo, Ford GT, Murcielago, Carerra GT, and even a open wheel Champ car to 60mph!


Performance aside this thing actually looks pretty good for a kit car.  Usually “cars in a box” of this type come out looking like they were designed by Chris Bangle’s alcoholic cousin Bob, but not the GTM.  It has nice lines a cool stance and looks unique enough to turn some heads.


If you are handy with a set of tools then you can buy the kit yourself from Factory Five but you will have to source the LS series V8, Porsche transmission, and various other bits for yourself.  Alternatively, you can call up All Angles Collision and they will build one for you.

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