2011 LA Auto Show (Video): Nintendo’s Mario Kart 7 Press Conference & Interview With Exec. VP

With this post we finally reach the conclusion of a story that started about two weeks ago with a simple observation.  Just before the LA Auto Show press days began we received an email from the show’s organizers with a schedule of the press conferences to be held over the two media days.  Our curiosity was piqued when we saw that none other than Nintendo would be holding a press conference at the show.  While we were trying to figure out why Nintendo would make an appearance at an autoshow they released the news that during their conference a special creation by West Cost Customs would make a debut as well.  This answered some questions but gave birth to others. 

Well, Nintendo finally had their conference last week and we got to see what they were working on along with West Coast Customs: life-sized real working “Mario Karts” to promote the new “Mario Kart 7” game coming to the Nintendo 3DS next month.  We were pleasantly surprised with what West Coast Customs created.  Honestly we were fearing some type of gaudy Nintendo Cadillac Escalade.

After the reveal we spoke with Don James, Executive VP of Operations for Nintendo America to ask him about what brought about the collaboration with West Coast Customs, his thoughts on Nintendo getting into OEM automotive in-car-entertainment, and more.  You can watch the interview and the full Nintendo press conference below.

By the way pay close attention to the audio at the end of the conference video for some “interesting” dialoge!

Nintendo Announcement Video:

Interview with Don James, Exec. VP of Operations for Nintendo America

Photogallery slide show:

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