Hype Event: X Games 17 Rally

We finally have our X Games 17 Rally coverage up and running!  Yay for us!  Ok so in case you are in the rare position of not being at X Games 17 or not catching it on TV or any of the TV repeats then you are in luck because we will give you the break down.  Things kicked off on Saturday with Super Rally racing.  Super Rally is the timed head-to-head event  with two cars racing each other at a time and each car needing to take one “Joker Lap” per heat.  Many were expecting the big budget Ford Fiestas to dominate on that day but it was actually Monster Energy Driver Liam Doran in his flat black Citroen.  Before the weekend most of us have never heard of Liam but he is actually Tanner Foust’s main rival in the European Rally Cross series over seas so it was no surprise that he had no fear of the golden child on American Soil.

The next day was the main event that we were all waiting for: Rally Cross.  Rally Cross is the 4 car at a time mayhem that we saw last year for the first time in the LA Colosseum.  This year things were changed up a bit as in the final heat there were 8 cars total in the final heat instead of 4.  Each winner of the round 1 heats were lined up in the front row while the top four from the “Last Chance Qualifier” (AKA “LCQ”) lined up in the back row, then all of them were let loose on the streets of Los Angeles.  Tanner Foust, Marcus Gronholm, Brian Deegan, Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, and Liam Doran were all among the final 8 to do battle.   Note that Travis Pastrana is on that list.  Despite breaking his throttle foot the Friday before during the Moto X best trick Pastrana made his way into the race with the help of his team engineering a set of hand controls ala Alex Zanardi.  Although despite his best effort Travis was not able to come out on top.  So, who won the epic battle? It was none other than Brian Deegan, general of the “Metal Mulisha” that ran away from the pack and took his first Rally X Games gold.  You can check out highlights from both events below and check out some of our official galleries via the links below as well.

Rally Racing Gallery

Rally Cross Gallery

Rally Car Racing Highlights:

Rally Cross Highlights:

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