E3 2011 Hype Video: Tommy Kendal “Plays” Forza 4, Interviews The Stig

Last night the guys at Turn 10 Studios threw a massive party to celebrate Forza Motorsport 4but before that the MC of the party Tommy Kendall stopped by the Xbox booth at E3 2011 to try his hand at the game himself. They say that those who are good at racing games would probably do well racing in real life, but judging by the video below I don’t think that works in reverse! In a display of bravado that could only come from a real race car driver Tommy turned off all the driving assists, however for a bit of insurance he kept his competitors on easy mode. Yet, that still couldn’t save him from finishing in last place!

After E3 came to a close that day Tommy headed over to the Forza 4 party where he played host.  During the festivities party goers were joined via television by Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson who introduced a very special guest, The Stig!. Master Of Ceremonies Tommy Kendall attempted to get an interview with Top Gears tame racing driver but it did not go so well.

Check out TK’s go at Forza 4 and his attempted interview with The Stig in the videos below!

Tommy Kendall Forza 4 Fail Video:

Tommy Kendall interviews “The Stig” at Forza 4 party:

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