What To Do This Weekend Part 1: Hellaflush Venice Beach

There are several meets going on tomorrow so the “what to do this weekend” post is going to be a multi-parter.  I’m kicking things off by letting you know that Hellaflush is coming back to Venice Beach tomorrow!  You know if its a “Hellaflush” meet then you are going to see a lot of, well, “Hellaflush” cars.  It should be decent gathering of quality import cars against a nice setting.  Be warned though, if you want to check this meet out then show up early, like around 9am or so.  The group that meets up is planning on cruising to Cerritos, CA to check out another meet going on later that same day (more on that in another post).  All the info is on the flyer, just click the thumbnail below!

When: May 21st, 9am
Where: 2600 Barnard Way. Santa Monica, CA Lot 5
Who: Hellaflush/Fatlace
Why: Why the heck not?

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