Hype Leak: Skunk2’s “Alpha” Project Leaked?

So far I haven’t figured out if this is a PR stunt or legitimate leak but I “mistakenly” just got an email in my inbox from Skunk2 CEO Dave Hsu that almost fully describes the details of Skunk2’s “Alpha” project that they teased on their blog in late April.  Judging by the comments of that post most people think “Alpha” is a new Skunk2 project car/race car.  I can tell you with some confidence that those guesses are incorrect. 

In the email Dave thanks his staff for keeping the details of “Alpha” a secret and then goes on to explain that “Alpha” is essentially going to be a line of more competitively priced performance products from Skunk2.  The first Alpha products (which will debut next week) will be a die-cast aluminium throttle body for B-series engines, and a header for the ’06-’11 Civic Si.  It looks like the engineers at Skunk2 have been hard at work trying to create ways to produce their parts more economically while still retaining the quality, fit, and finish they’re known for.  I guess we will find out more about the other Alpha offerings next week.

In the meantime I am going to hope that this was a PR stunt and not an actual leak.  I’ve heard Dave is prone to violence so if you notice that posts on this site suddenly stop a few days from now…please call the authorities!

Text from leaked email:

Attention S2 sales and marketing department:

As you all know, later this month we’ll be releasing our all-new product line—Alpha. Everyone’s done a great job of keeping this new project under wraps despite the teasers that have been released. Next week we’ll be unveiling the first of the Alpha line: our first-ever die-cast aluminum throttle body for B-series engines followed by our ’06-’11 Civic Si header. Both of these new products are unique for us in that they’ll allow us to more readily offer our same race-proven technology and performance at extremely competitive prices thanks to new manufacturing techniques. Our cast throttle body is the only one to feature countersunk bolt provisions, a fully machined throttle bore, and an idle adjustment screw. And our header follows the same design characteristics as our dyno-proven MegaPower version so we already know how well it’ll perform. We’ll also want to let consumers know that despite this being a new line, Alpha products will benefit from the same fit and finish as every other Skunk2 product as well as our industry-leading customer service support and warranty program that our competitors simply don’t offer.

We’ll be officially releasing Alpha in the coming weeks, but in the meantime please keep all of this under wraps.


One thought on “Hype Leak: Skunk2’s “Alpha” Project Leaked?

  • May 9, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    I’m pretty sure it’s a PR stunt. I got the same e-mail just today. Then another e-mail saying that it was a mistake and to ignore the e-mail.

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