Hype Event: Mazdaspeed Motorsport Pre-Season Meeting

For the last 5 years Mazda has invited journalists to have lunch and discuss Mazda’s standing in the world of motorsports through their Mazdaspeed brand and activities.  Usually they incorporate a fun event into the luncheon like electric kart racing at K1 or having a special screening of movies like “Driven To Race“.  This year Mazda went all out and roped off a huge area at Hidden Valley park and set up not one but two autocross courses complete with Skip Barber Racing school MX-5 Miata’s, Mazda3’s, and even a full race-spec Mazda2 to thrash!


Also, for the first time since Mazda started the luncheon, drifting was represented at the event with the BMI Racing 4 rotor RX-8, the Bergenholtz Racing/Full Tilt Poker RX-8, and the Kyle Mohan Racing/Nexen Tire RX-8 all on display.  Although, none of the RX-8’s seemed like they were quite ready to rock yet it was nice to see the RX-8’s making an appearance.


Once the first session of autocrossing was over we sat down under the canopy of the Star Mazda racing rig and had a chat with Senior VP of Product Development  Robert Davis on how Mazda is holding up in the uncertain economy and how their progress is still tied to motorsports.  For the most part things seemed to be the status quo for Mazda which is a very good thing in their case.  They haven’t lost market share, the Miata has become the #1 selling roadster in history, they’re still the #1 road raced brand in America, and to date over $75 million worth of Mazdaspeed parts have been sold since 1990.  It’s also worthy to note that this year marks the 20 year anniversary of Mazda’s overall 1991 win at LeMans with the 787 4-rotor race car.  After all this time Mazda is still the only Japanese company to win the event outright!  It was hinted that some special events to celebrate the occasion were in the works but no specifics were revealed.  I’ll try to keep you posted on that!

It was also pointed out that despite the shaky economy Mazda’s motorsports involvement is still going strong.  The Playboy MX-5 Cup is still fiscally one of the most rewarding racing series around with a $250k purse up for grabs (which is more than what you’d get for winning the Ferrari Challenge Series!).  Star Mazda has reached its 21st year of competition which makes it the longest running road-racing series in America and the Mazdaspeed motorsports ladder is going on its 26th year.  That last bit of info led to the news that despite the demise of the Atlantic series throwing things off Mazda maintains their open wheel ladder by being the official partner for the “Road To Indy“.  Which is the path from amateur racing all the way up to Indy Car Series competition.


The next big announcement was Mazdasinvolvement in the new “B-Spec” racing class (sanctioned by NASA) with the Mazda2.  In fact the “race spec” Mazda2 at the autocross course that I mentioned earlier was the very same Mazda2 that ran the B-Spec class at Thunderhill.  Right now they’re current competitionin “B-Spec” class racing is Honda withthe Honda Fit but Mr. Davis said that he would welcome more competition from other manufacturers like GM (likely with the Chevy Aveo).

When the floor was opened up to questions I asked if  B-Spec class racing would be folded into the Mazdaspeed Motorsports ladder. The answer I got from Mr. Davis as well as Alternative Marketing Manager Jim Jordan was that while the B-Spec class wont be an “official” part of the ladder if you win a B-Spec class race in a Mazda2 you will be eligible to compete in the annual Mazdaspeed shoot out which can lead to entrance into one of the Mazdaspeed ladder series.  So in a way B-Spec class racing is something of a foot-stool that can help you get to the ladder.  Looks like I’m going to need to get myself a Mazda2!

Based on what I heard at this year’s lunch, Mazda is going to continue to make a respectable dent in motorsports.  I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!  Thanks to Mazda for the invite and for letting me get behind the wheel of a Skip Barber MX-5!

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