@Chevrolet Super Bowl XLV Ads Part 1: Fresh? Wack? Or Meh?

Chevrolet had so many commercials for this year’s Super Bowl that we have to break this one up into two posts.  They even had more than one commercial for the same car.  There were at least three different commercials for the Cruze and two for the Camaro.  In this first part I’ll chime in on one of the Camaro commercials, the Volt commercial, the lone Silverado commercial, and the first of the Cruze commercials.

Chevy commercial 1 (Camaro):  Miss Evelyn

In the first Camaro spot Chevy takes a unique approach by asking the question “what would it be like if we let you create our commercials?” The result according to them is an action packed ad filled with explosions and a “hot red-headed” teacher.

What do I think? FRESH

Why?  To some this spot might come off as a bit corny but if you look a bit deeper you can see that Chevy is just playfully poking at some of their own past commercials and adding a healthy dose of humor.  It isn’t spectacular but it was still enjoyable.

Chevy commercial 2 (Volt): Discovery

In the latest commercial for the Volt Chevy starts to take a some of ownership for all of the media praise they’ve gotten for they’re revolutionary plug-in extended-range hybrid car.  They liken the Volt to major discoveries such as electricity and the light bulb.

What do I think?  FRESH

Why?  I know Chevy going a bit on the lofty side in this commercial by comparing a car to great discoveries like space travel and computers but let’s face it: the Volt is a big deal.  If you like Chevy or not you can’t deny that the Volt is a major step in where things will be going  for the foreseeable future. Sure it is a bit braggadocious but in these times its cool to see some good ol’ American bravado.

Chevy commercial 3 (Silverado): Tommy

With all the car commercials being shown this spot called “Tommy” was one of the few truck commercials of the entire Super Bowl.  That’s surprising considering that the football crowd represents a good chunk of the truck demographic.  In this commercial the Silverado plays the hero…several times…

What do I think?  MEH..

Why?  While this commercial is funny and not bad by any means, the “Lassie” bit feels like it has been done many times before.  I still give Chevy kudos for not forgetting their truck lovers in all of the car hype though.

Chevy commercial 4 (Cruze): Status

In this first spot for the Cruze Chevy shows off a way their new car can help one with their “social agenda”.

What do I think? WACK

Why?  This isn’t as much a knock against the commercial itself as it is me being disgusted with the social picture that this ad paints.  Have we become so vain that we need to have our Facebook status updates read to us out loud by our cars while we’re driving?  If that is the thing that puts you over the fence into making a $20k purchase then congratulations…you’re a d-bag!

Do you agree with my assesments of these commercials so far? Disagree? Don’t let me be the only one venting opinions.  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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