WALD BMW F01/02 7 Series Sports Line Body Kit

WALD is in my opinion one of the most interesting Japanese body kit makers out there.  Like a few of the German aero tuners, WALD is very hit or miss.  When they miss it’s way off!  But when they hit, it is so dead on fresh that it’s scary.  To me, the Sports Line body kit they have for the new F01/02 BMW 7 Series is a definite hit.  I know there will be more than a few of you who disagree with me but I think this kit compliments the new 7 series beautifully.  However it does have its downsides.  First of all if you want to get this kit in carbon fiber you can forget it.  The sports line kit is FRP only.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it certainly isn’t the best material you can get.  Secondly this is WALD we’re talking about so you would be hard pressed to find a distributor here in the U.S. that can get you this kit.  If you do find someone I can guarantee it will not be cheap!  Trying to get your hands on this kit will definitely be a labor of love.  Otherwise if you would rather have something stronger, more subtle, and a bit easier to get then look into Vorsteiner’s F01/02 dry carbon fiber lip kit.




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