Italian Hype: Pagani Huayra (With Video)

The curtain has finally come off Pagani’s newest creation, the Huayra.  Let me start off by saying what I know you’re all thinking: I’m not totally in love with that front end…  I know the rest of the car is awesome but it is going to take a while for that front end to grow on me.  The thing is it isn’t really the entire front end that throws me off.  Just that weird area under the nose!  OK, I got that out! Let’s move on.. Pagani has been working on the Huayra for a few years now and for good reason.  The Zonda is a legend among the supercars and would be the yardstick that anything else Pagani made would be measured against. 

How did they equip the Huayra for the inevitable comparison?  Well they bolted in AMG’s newest 700HP 6.0 twin-turbo V12 for starters.  Bolted onto the engine is a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.  The the combo of pistons and gears will thrust the sub-3000 pound Huayra to a claimed top speed of 230mph.  I’d say that is a very good start.  Couple the performance with an interior dripping with leather, decent tech, and what appears to be a scrotum vent in the seats and you have a real contender for the supercar throne.





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