Hype Video: XTM Documentry “Drift Guy– Joon Maeng”

I saw this pop up on the Formula Drift blog a little while ago.  For most of the 2010 season Joon “Gentle” Maeng had a camera crew from Korea following him around and documenting his journey towards drifting sucess.  All of their work will finally go live in Korea on XTM TV this January 8th and 9th in the form of a 120 minute documentary.  Not sure when the full version will make it to the states but one of the producers was kind enough to put the trailer on Vimeo.  By the looks of the trailer the rest of the documentary is going to be intense to say the least.  I know what you’re thinking: “Intense and Joon Maeng in the same sentence?!”  It sounds crazy but its true, the Joon Maeng who gave you his autograph is NOT the same guy behind the wheel!  What you’ll see in this trailer is a stark contrast to the Joon Maeng you know now…and its awesome!  Scroll down and check it out for yourself.

XTM Documentary ‘Drift Guy – Joon Maeng’ Preview from Jay Joo on Vimeo.

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