2010 Mitsubishi Evo X MR Part Three: The Conclusion

In the first two parts of our Mitsubishi Evo X MR review we went over the car’s looks and driving impressions respectively.  In this third and final part I’ll wrap it up by talking about the most important part of any car: its livability.  All too often we as human beings look at an awesome performance car and imagine all the fun we’ll have with it but neglect to consider the fact that we will probably have to drive it everyday.  Driving an awesome performance car everyday sounds great on paper but lets take a moment to think of what “everyday” really means.

It means driving in traffic, carrying your stuff around, carrying your friends around, taking long trips, washing, maintenance, parking, checking your mirrors/blind spots etc.  Those types of things can turn an awesome performance car into the bane of your existence really fast.  So how does the Evo X MR stack up in this area?  It stacks up pretty well actually.

First I’ll talk about interior room.  As you can see the Evo X MR is a 4 door car so naturally the interior is quite roomy.  There is plenty of head space and the rear passengers will have adequate leg room.  Of course things can get slightly cramped if the driver were to put his seat all the way back but hey, driver comfort comes first!

When it comes to trunk space there is a definite trade-off.  To help distribute the weight evenly Mitsubishi put the car’s battery as well as the windshield wiper fluid reservoir in the back with their own compartments.  There is also an enclosure for the Rockford Fosgate sub woofer.  These factors all work to help the car feel a little more balanced but it does cut back on trunk space a bit.  However, there is still more than enough room to store your groceries or enough luggage for a few days.  When I packed up for my SEMA trip I wasn’t forced to put anything in the back seat.

My first experience driving the car was a 4 hour drive from Long Beach to Las Vegas for SEMA.  That’s about as good a drive as any to get yourself used to a car you’ve never sat in before.  The first thing I noticed was how much leather-clad Recaro bucket seat conformed to me.  It was pretty comfortable, at first.  Although I have to say after more than a few hours of driving the seat did wear on me a bit but that can be said of almost any seat so I’ll give the Evo a pass there.

There are some shortcomings when it comes to actual driving position.  My biggest gripe with the interior is that the steering wheel doesn’t telescope.  If it does I certainly couldn’t figure out how to do it!  I’m about 5’10 so I am not extremely tall but I like a lot of leg room when I drive.  However when I moved the seat back to give myself said leg room my arms had to be fully extended to hold the wheel.  So I had to sacrifice some leg room to get a comfortable grip on the wheel.  If the wheel could telescope the interior would be very close to perfect.

Generally speaking the interior controls are intuitive, especially the steering wheel mounted controls.  However, the user interface on the touch screen audio/gps system can get confusing and tricky to navigate.  There is a special feature called “music server” which instantly records all the songs off any CD you play and saves it onto the system’s internal hard drive so you can go back and listen to those songs later without the CD.  This is a brilliant idea but in practice it can get a bit cumbersome trying to find a specific song on the server.  I’d recommend taking some time to learn the ins and outs of the system before jumping right in.

When it comes to things like keeping the car clean I would recommend hand washing either by a professional or yourself if you have the time.  Being that the MR comes with absolutely beautiful BBS wheels; you definitely do NOT want to put the car through a machine that will take a large abrasive brush to your rollers!  Because the body lines on the Evo are simple, it is easy to really get in there and get any road grime off the car.  The fact that the MR doesn’t have the large wing also aids making cleaning duties easier as well.  Things can get tricky when it comes to the front grill as bugs like to get trapped in that area but its nothing a little elbow grease can’t handle.

During my time with the car I washed it twice, once myself and once at a professional handwash place as you can see in the pictures.  I can tell you first hand that the Evo X MR is an easy car to keep clean and when its clean it is a thing of absolute beauty!

So now that you’ve gotten an idea of what the livability is like with the 2010 Evo X MR let’s wrap it up with the Pros and Cons:

-Competitive price
-The car looks fresh
-Engine performance is amazing (no turbo lag at all!)
-TC-SST transmission rocks
-Plenty of interior room
-Great Rockford Fosgate sound system
-Easy to keep clean
-Sport suspension still provides smooth ride
-Intuitive interior controls

-No telescoping steering wheel
-“Music Server” takes some time getting used to
-Throttle response could be smoother
-Fuel mileage could stand to be a bit higher

At the end of the day no car is perfect but with everything that you can get on the Evo X MR for the price (37k for the base MR and closer to 42k nicely spec’d) you’d be hard pressed to find another car that will deliver everything you get with the Evo.

Yes, the Evo X MR does have a few shortcomings but they’re nit-picky at best.  If I had around $40k to spend I would consider the Evo X MR very strongly.  A telescoping wheel would be nice but I don’t want one bad enough to spend an extra 5-7k on a German counterpart just to get one!.

To me the 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X MR is a BUY.

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