HKS GTII 7460R Sports Turbine Kit For Evo IV through IX

HKS has finally given me something to talk about!  It looks like they just dropped a new turbo kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s IV through IX.  The 7460R Sports Turbine Kit is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock unit but can add significant power gains over stock when paired with a few other products.  In HKS’ own tests the 7460R produced 373.4HP and 355.6 lb/ft of torque on a ’06 Evo IX that was already equipped with the R-Type intercooler, step 1 Mivec camshaft set, racing muffler, GT extension kit, F-con V-Pro, and some other off the shelf parts.

Given the condition of their test vehicle I would suggest only picking up this kit if you already have mosts of HKS off the shelf “turbo helper” parts on your car.  If you’re already in that boat this seems like a good buy for those who want to retire their stock turbo.


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