Formula Drift: Tanner Foust Wins Irwindale, Vaughn Gittin Wins 2010 Championship

Vaughn Gittin Jr has parlayed his many years involvement in Formula Drift with Team Falken and his support from Ford Racing and Monster Energy Drink by winning the 2010 Formula Drift series championship!  Dai was still in the running, especially since he out qualified Vaughn in the top 32 but an accident in his battle against Matt Field in the top 32 dashed all chances of Dai taking the title.  At that point all Vaughn needed to do was advance out of the top 32 himself to lock in the title and that is exactly what he did when he defeated rookie Nikolay Konstantinov.

With the title battle over the matter of who would take the top spot at Irwindale became the new story.  Justin Pawlak was on point all day as was Darren McNamara.  Then there was new champion Vaughn Gittin and Triple crown hopeful Tanner Foust to think about as well.  In the end it came down to Tanner Foust vs Vaughn Gittin for first place.  Not only was an Irwindale victory on the line but also the Triple Crown.  Vaughn was looking to nail the trifecta (Championship, Round 7 win, and Triple Crown) while Tanner wanted his first win of the season and was also hunting the $10k Triple Crown check himself.

Both drivers wanted it bad as the judges were forced to make them run one more time.  However, the second time around Tanner Foust took it to the new champion to take the win and the crown.

Congrats to Vaughn Gittin on his 2010 title and to Tanner Foust on his Irwindale win and Triple Crown win.  Also a big thanks to all that make up Formula Drift, the drivers, the teams, the staff, and the fans for making 2010 one of the most exciting years for Drifting ever.

P.S. stay tuned to SEMA for some big announcements regarding Formula Drift and a few drivers/teams.  To see pics of the Formula Drift round 7 weekend check out our Facebook gallery.

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