Aston Martin Cygnet (Yes, They’re Really Going To Make It)

Aston Martin has confirmed that the Cygnet will see production in 2011 and will be built at Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters.  Aston Martin intends to position the Cygnet as a “luxury city car” and I for one am all for it!  B-segment cars have done well here since Scion busted the doors open on that market a few years back but for the most part they’ve been positioned as economical albeit whimsical alternatives to gas guzzlers.  I think it s refreshing to see Aston Martin take that segment into a new direction without letting the fear of brand dilution get in the way.  Besides, even though there is no official word on MSRP I doubt the Cygnet will be cheap.  So far there isn’t any word about seeing the Cygnet in the states but I sure hope so!  I’d rock it..


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