Active Autowerke E39 Supercharger Kit

OK, I’ll be honest.  I am posting about a E39 supercharger kit because I have an E39 and I really want to get one!  It is hard to own an E39 and not think about the potential for forced induction.  There are a few options out there if one is looking to supercharge their E39 but from what I’ve seen the best bang for the buck is with Active Autowerke’s E39 rotrex supercharger kit. It is significantly cheaper (MSRP is $4,400 vs $5k for other kits) than any other kit that I’ve found that is currently on the market and it has the highest power gain.  According to a rep from Active Autowerke the “Stage 1” kit for the BMW E39 528i can make up to 250HP at the wheels on a Mustang dyno!  Not bad! 

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