Indy Car: Texas Firestone 550k Results

Formula Drift wasn’t the only motorsports action going on this weekend.  On Saturday night the Indy Cars were under the lights at Texas Motorspeedway for the Firestone 550K.  Texas is known for being a hairy track due to its high speeds and wicked 45 degree banking.  Back when the Champ Cars used to run the track the high speeds and high banking actually caused several drivers to suffer G-Lock.  These days the speeds have been toned down just enough so that the drivers can race around the track without, you know, blacking out!

As expected there were a few sizable accidents but the incident that everyone is talking about now is Simona De Silvestro’s run-in with the wall that resulted in a huge fireball that she was just barely pulled out from in time.

Once the debris was cleared and racing went back underway Danica Patrick managed to fight her way up to the front in one of her strongest performances since her win at Motegi a while back.  Unfortunately for her with 35 laps to go Ryan Briscoe was able to take the lead away from her and fend her off to take the win, thus redeeming himself for his wreck at the Indy 500.  Check out the video below for some of the race highlights.

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