Formula D: Dai Yoshihara Wins In New Jersey

Over the weekend Formula Drift landed at Wall Speedway AKA “The Gauntlet” in New Jersey for round 3 of the 2010 Formula Drift series.  Wall Speedway has a well deserved reputation for being a tough track on cars, mostly because of a harsh bottoming out when coming off of the very steep bank.  It can be a real test for drivers and their machines.  It takes a veteran to handle the course accordingly, which is exactly how it played out.  In the end the final battle would be a repeat of Atlanta as Dai Yoshihara and Vaughn Gittin Jr. would again go head to head for the top spot, and again Yoshihara came out victorious.

However, despite two wins in a row Vaughin Gittin still leads Dai Yoshihara in the points due to two back to back 2nd place finishes to follow up his win in Long Beach.  As it sits now Dai is 21 points behind Vaughn in the standings.  Vaughn is easily one of the most consistent drivers in drifting so if Dai wants to take over the points lead he’ll need to three-peat by winning at round 4 in Monroe, Washington in July.

On a side note we’d like to congratulate BMI Racing and Drift Alliance Ace Brian Wilkerson for qualifying for the first time in New Jersey.  Brian piloted BMI Racing’s 4 Rotor RX-8 to the 30th spot in top 32.  Unfortunately they had to go up against Dai Yoshihara but hey, it cant hurt too bad to lose to the guy who eventually won the event!

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