Hype Event: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Falken/Monster Energy 2011 Ford Mustang Debut

Last night I got to visit Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and hang out with the who’s who of the drifting community and the actions sports set to whitness the official debut of Vaughn Gittin Jr’s new Falken Tire/Monster Energy Drink 2011 Ford Mustang drift car.  There was free alcohol, fish tacos, and lots of green light!  However I don’t drink so I was only able to enjoy the latter of the three.  It was pretty cool walking around the same place I watch Rob Dyrdek “do work” on MTV.  Even the mini Subaru from Gymkahna 2.1 was on display!  Check out some pics below and even more in our StreetFire photo gallery.


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