Tony Stark Sponsors Formula D Driver Stephan Verdier #IronMan2

Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is a very affluent guy who, when not piloting a highly advanced battle suit likes to spend his wealth having fun. It’s no secret that Mr. Stark is a car guy and as shown from the new Iron Man 2 trailer also has a thing for Motorsports and it looks like hes caught an interest in drifting. It looks like Formula D driver Stephan Verdier’s Crawford Performance built Subaru WRX STi will sport a Stark Motor Racing Team decal, along with another title sponsor Royal Purple. I wonder if Tony Stark will hook Verdier up with suitcase armor? Check out the new trailer below to see what I mean.

Stephan Verdier\'s Iron Man 2/Royal Purple Subaru WRX STi Drift Car



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