Hype Preview: Forgeline Centerlock Porsche Wheels

Forged wheel smiths Forgeline are currently working on Centerlock options for their popular Porsche 997 GT3, GT3 RS, and Turbo wheels.  The picture above is a prototype centerlock option on their DE3S wheel but look for a few more applications coming soon.  They recently spilled some of the details on the TeamSpeed.com forums which I quoted below.  You might want to subscribe to the thread to keep updated.  We’ll also post more info here as we get it.

Forgeline Quote:

We have been working diligently for the past few months to bring you something that no other wheel manufacturer has yet to offer for the crowd with factory centerlock wheels. FORGELINE now offers Centerlock Wheel Option from our line-up of models. Worried about caliper clearance? – We’ve got that covered. The same R&D that we invest into the Daytona Prototype as well as any professionally sanctioned motorsports series we are involved in was vested into our public line-up. We now offer and are ready to take orders on 18′ and 19′ Centerlock wheels. Both the 18′ and 19′ will clear the PCCB brakes.

For the 18′ crowd, sizes are available in 18×9 and 18×12 from our ZX3R and WC3R models. For the 19′ crowd, we can offer the Centerlock option on any model as the 19′ was the first size in development. The photo below is a 19′ DE3S on a 997.2 GT3. Why swap out your wheels? We all know that modifying your wheels enhances the looks of the car but our setup will also give it a more aggressive stance to enhance grip and traction but more importantly, will play a functional role in reducing weight in rotational mass. Reducing unsprung weight will increase acceleration response, increase fuel economy and give you improved balance. The typical 19′ setup will be 19×8.5 for the front which weighs in around 22lbs per wheel and 19×12 for the rear which weighs in at about 25lbs per wheel.

Every one of our 3-piece wheels are constructed from 6061-T6 FORGED centers, 6061-T6 spun rim halves and utilize stainless steel aircraft-grade fasteners. We understand that with every personality comes individualism, which is why we offer a wide array of versatile options with finishes, accessories and fitment. Please feel free to PM us with any questions!


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