Top Secret’s “Smokey” Nagata Coming To Houston To Tune 20 Nissans

This is big news if you happen to live in the big state of Texas.  Mayday Garage just announced that Japanese tuning legend “Smokey” Nagata from Top Secret will make an apperance at the Import Reactor car show.  Not only will he be there as a guest but he is going to personally tune 20 Nissans over the span of three days!  So what is the occasion?  Well, Top Secret is working on a new stand-alone ECU dubbed “Top Secret Process” and the marathon tuning session is meant to prototype the new unit here in the states.  If you own a Nissan and live in the Houston area I suggest you do whatever you can within the boundaries of the law to make sure you are one of the lucky 20 cars to get tuned by Smokey!  If you really are that young and don’t know who Smokey is or how he got his nickname then check out the video below.

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