Hype Video: Top Gear VS. Lexus LF-A …guess the winner…

I both love and hate Top Gear.  I love Top Gear because, well…it’s Top Gear!  They’re awesome but I hate Top Gear because I’m jealous that they are some how able to coax OEMs like Lexus to let them have an LF-A for the day to flog around a track and prattle off their opinions with no fear of corporate blacklisting!  When will we get to have that kind of juice?!  Oh well… Something to work towards I guess.  In the meantime I’ll just enjoy the sights and sounds of Lexus’ beastly supercar hanging it out around the Top Gear track.  The Stig has a go in the wet as well so be sure not to miss that.

[Source: Autoblog]

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