Heffner Performance Audi R8 Twin Turbo Kit (Video)

When the Audi R8 was released it was love at first sight for many affluent enthusiasts and it was no time before they were all spoken for.  Then Audi went and released a V10 version of the R8 with more power and the same balance.  So what were V8 variant owners to do?  Heffner Performance says “boost it.”  The Florida based exotic tuner just reached completion on their twin-turbo kit for the Audi R8 8-cylinder variant.  On 93 octane and 6psi of boost you can expect an approximate 180WHP gain over stock bringing the total into the 530HP range.  Not bad for only 6 pounds of boost!  Now, if you weren’t an early adopter and waited for the V10 have no worries because Heffner is already in the R&D process for the V10.


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