COBB Tuning Turns Nissan GT-R Into “Green-T-R” By Using E85 Fuel

By now we all know that the current Nissan GT-R is pretty much a super hero.  It vengefully fights crime at night while disguising itself as a billionaire playboy during the day.  However COBB Tuning wanted to see if there were even more extraordinary abilities that we don’t yet know about.  So, they went forward with an experiment that some might call controversial.  They worked their tuning magic to see how well a GT-R would run on E85 Ethanol fuel.  The result?  Try 574HP at the wheels!  Turns out the GT-R loves the Moonshine more than “Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel”.  Check out COBB Tuning’s blog for all the details.

[Photo: COBB Tuning]

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