2009 LA Auto Show: Lexus LF-A (Video Included)

I know this car was at SEMA but I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to get a close look at it.  The LA Auto Show was my chance to finally get personal with Lexus’ first foray into the supercar market, the Lexus LF-A.  Let me start off by saying that this is an absolutely beautiful car.  Of course there are a few small things I’d change because I’m that much of a design snob but ignore my character flaws and enjoy this machine for what it is: Japanese engineering and TQM at its finest.  I also had the opportunity to chat with Lexus National Marketing/Strategy Manager Brian Bolain about some of the principal features of the LF-A, and why Lexus decided to get into the exotic car market.  Check out the pics and interview below.




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