Formula D: Chris Forsberg Clentches 2009 Title & Ryan Tuerck Wins Irwindale

Saturday was Formula D’s “Final Fight” at Irwindale and just like F1 Brazil the math-a-holics were busy crunching away on the calculators trying to figure out a multitude of possible scenarios.  The points were tight but there were a few drivers who still had an outside chance.  I say “outside” because the consensus was that Chris Forsberg had to have a massive failure in order for him to fail clenching the title at Irwindale.  In fact, all he had to do to lock it up was qualify into the top 32 and then advance out of it into the top 16.  Although it didn’t come to him as easily as it may have seemed.  In the top 32 Chris was paired up against Doug “The Red Mustang Avenger” Van Den Brink and he wasn’t about to be a door mat to Forsberg’s championship threshold.  In fact Doug fought so hard that he forced it into a OMT which made some of NOS Energy crew VERY nervous!  However when they went to the second battle Forsberg turned it on and advanced past Van Den Brink thus securing the 2009 Formula D title.  Even though Forsberg won the war Tuerck won the battle for night and captured the top spot on the podium.  Stay tuned to MotorworldHype as we’ll have another event report and pictures going up soon.  Congrats to Chris Forsberg for winning the Championship and Ryan Tuerck for giving the fans a good fight all season long.

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