SPOTTED: Dyson Racing Lola B09/86 Mazda MZR-R

The subject of today’s “SPOTTED” is a Mazda but not just any Mazda, this is hands down one of the prettiest Mazdas I’ve ever laid my eyes upon!  What you see on your computer screen just above this text is the Dyson Racing Lola B09/86 Mazda MZR-R.  This closed-cockpit LMP2 class racer is easily one of the most striking cars you’ll see on track at any American LeMans Series weekend.  It makes full use of title sponsor BP Fuel’s color scheme without being cheesy, its body lines are immaculate, and its Mazda MZR-R four-cylinder turbo charged engine is like Zeus’ trumpet!  If you ever go to an ALMS series race this year do yourself a favor and stop by the Dyson Racing paddock.  I got to hang out with them during the Long Beach Grand Prix back in April while the team was practicing their driver swap procedure.  Check it out below.


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