Power House Amuse Superleggera Aero Kit For Nissan 350Z With Video

I’ve said befeore that I have a very short list of body kits that I think look good on the 350Z and now I am adding another one.  This epitomy of aero dynamic beauty is known simply as the “Superleggera”.  This is the last thing that Tanabe-san of Power House Amuse created before he tragically passed away last fall.  I’m not sure if its possible for anyone to pick up an authentic version of this kit but it couldn’t hurt to hit up BulletProofAutomotive.com since they are an Amuse distributor.  There are some replica kits out there but come on…a replica? No thanks.  Check out the video below to get Keiichi Tsuchiya’s thoughts on the Superleggera.  You can also get more info on the Supperleggera in this month’s issue of Modified Magazine.


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