MotorworldHype Is 1000 Posts Old!!

From Andy:

You are now officially reading MotorworldHype’s 1000th post!  When we started there weren’t many sites out there that were willing to try and cover all facets of the modern automotive culture.  There are “tuner” sites, “euro” sites, “American muscle” sites, and “exotic” sites but RJ and I agreed that we just loved them all too much to just limit ourselves to one category so we decided that we were going to try and talk about cool stuff for everything and everyone under the umbrella of “modern car culture”.  Hopefully we’ve been able to a decent job of that for you so far.

From RJ:

Becks has been hard at work and here we are at 1000 posts. I hope everyone has enjoyed our raves, rants, and features here @ We hope that you continue to stop by and get your daily dose of our motorworld. As always look fresh, drive hard, and godspeed.


From both of us!:


We first want to give a big thanks to Lexus for believing in MotorworldHype and choosing our proposal out of hundreds of others and allowing us to apply our style to their flagship IS-F sports sedan and giving us our first official SEMA project car (hopefully not the last!).

More thanks to all of our friends and family in the industry who keep everything rolling: Formula D,  Victor and John at The ID Agency,  Ernie at NOS Energy Drink, Jim Jordan from Mazda, Ken Miyoshi, Antonio Alvendia, Carter and Luke from Import Tuner, Bob at,,, Craig Lieberman, Dean Case, Bill Wood anyone who ever saw fit to grant us press passes to their event, and everyone we’ve ever shaken hands with!  If we forgot to mention anyone then we apologize and be sure to remind us!

Finally, we want to thank YOU the enthusiasts, the opinionated, the haters, the believers, the skeptics…all of  you help us go FORWARD and we don’t intend on changing direction anytime soon!

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