Formula D: Stephan Verdier Wins “Locked and Loaded” In Sonoma

Formula D has been nothing if not spontainous and unpredictable all season.  With titans like Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust waining and priviteers consistantly breaking into the top 16 almost nothing has been consistant with current Formula D history; except, Mr. Christ Forsberg.  Just like in seasons past Mr. “Drink NOS” has been at the top of the points battle.  In fact, with a pair of wins he earned the points lead.  However all of that was seriously threatend this weekend in Sonoma due to all sorts of official wackiness that all started when Chris Forsberg lined up against Calvin Wan in their Top 32 battle.  I could explain everything here but its a lot easier if you check out where the whole incident is explained here, here, and here.  Yeah I know, that is a lot of “heres” but thats how crazy it was!

So who stood on top of the podium after all the drama and technical difficulties? Stephan freakin Verdier!!  Crazy right?!  The man is practically the definition of a priviteer drifter and he took it to EVERYONE to earn his first victory!  Our good friend Bill Wood just released an interview with Stephan in a timely matter and gets into some little known facts about the French driver such as his real racing background, how he got into drifting, and why he chose a Subaru as his platform.  Check it out below.  Also see full results from the event HERE.

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