Cosworth USA Leaks Ken Block’s Plans To Beat Rally Jump Record

I just caught this little gem on Cosworth’s USA website.  It looks like Cosworth collab’d with Vermont Sports Car to build another “Jump Car” for Ken Block.  From what it looks like this car was built for an attempt to break Ken Block’s previous record rally jump of 171 feet.  According to the article this attempt might take place somewhere in the UK as the car was recently shipped there to complete tuning and testing.  So why was all this on Cosworth’s site?  Well, it looks like Cosworth handled the ECU tuning duties of Block’s newest toy and they were eager to get the word out.  What leads me to assume that this information is a “leak” is the fact that I haven’t seen any announcements or news about another jump attempt on Ken Block’s website or any of his affiliate sites.

What really thickens this plot however is that it was also recently announced that Ken Block’s teammate/energy drink rival Travis Pastrana would also make an attempt at a world record rally jump at the next Red Bull New Years event.  So is Ken going to try to raise the bar even higher before Travis has at it?  Or will Mr. Block hang back until next year to try and beat Travis’ record?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Check out the announcement video of Travis Pastrana’s jump attempt.

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