Victory And Tragedy At Hungarian GP

The previous weekend was one of ups and downs for Formula 1.  Things started off very badly on Saturday when Felipe Massa was knocked unconscious in what some could only describe as a “bizarre” accident.  Felipe was rushed to a local hospital and put into a medically induced coma from which he has since awoken and is responsive.  However some are reporting that due to sever damage to nerves in his left eye his racing career may be over.  Hopefully that won’t be the case.  Although if Felipe is unable recover before the next race (Valencia GP) Bernie Ecclestone is hoping that Ferrari may ask Fernando Alonso to take over driving duties.  How is this possible? Well the entire Renault team (except drivers) are banned from the next race due to a saftey infraction.

So now for some good news.  It looks like Lewis Hamilton is back to old form as he had a dominant performance all weekend and eventually charged his way to his first win of the 2009 season while the current leader Jenson Button and the Brawn GP team suffered a sudden and harsh downturn in performance, only able to muster a 7th place finish for the weekend.  Has Brawn GP hit their limit?  Can McLaren and Lewis Hamilton turn the season around and become a contender again?  Stay tuned!  Same F1 time, same F1 channel!  I’m so cheesy sometimes…anyway.. Check out the video below for the SPEED discussion on the results.

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images

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