Hype Rumor: Mopar/Chrysler To Drop Support Of NuFormz Drift Team?

We just caught wind of a rumor from WreckedMagazine.com that Mopar/Chrysler is dropping their support of Shawn Carlson’s NuFormz drift team for the rest of the 2009 season.  Its been hinted that the implications of this could mean that we’ll never see Sam Hubinette drive their 2009 Dodge Challenger in competition this year.

Could a two time champion drift team become a victim of Chrysler’s current economic situation?

Either way if they already have the challenger I dont see any reason why Chrysler would take it back.  They’ve already chopped it up and did all the work to it. Chances are this just means whatever remaining sponsorship payments for ’09 wont be paid to the Nuformz team.

If this is actually true and Nuformz is smart they’ll hang onto the challenger. Run Sam in the Viper for the rest of the year since we all know hes good in that car. Then when 09 is up try to re-negotiate.

We are currently waiting on confirmation from our Mopar PR contact on this.  We’ll try to keep you posted as news develops.


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