PUMA Riding Shotgun For Gumball 3000

Last night PUMA and Gumball 3000 held a small but very crowded party at the Santa Monica PUMA store to celebrate PUMA’s new Gumball 3000 edition Super Cat’sand PUMA’s participation in this years Gumball 3000 Rally.  There was food, an open bar, oh and a flat black Jaguar XJ220S with PUMA livery parked outside!  The Jag belongs to Maximillion Cooper, the founder of Gumball and a participant this year as well.  He perused the event shaking hands and getting to know the media and a few of the other Gumball drivers on hand.

In case you didn’t already know, the Gumball 3000is a 3000 mile cross country rally.  Actually its more like a caravan of exotic and stupidly fast cars all owned by celebrites, athletes, and other affluent individuals blasting across the highways and byways trying to avoid getting pulled over by the cops or in some cases thrown in jail.  Its one of the best ideas ever spawned by a human being and I make it a point to keep up with the autmotive debauchery every year.

As you may have guessed this time around the Gumball 3000 will be taking place right here on American soil.  May 2nd the all of the cars will be departing from Santa Monica, making a quick stop by D1 and starting their journey across country until they reach Miami for a huge VIP party.  With drivers like Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Dave Mirra, and David Hasselhoff (yes he WILL be driving KITT) participating you can expect a lot of damage report updates from us!

For now check out a few pictures from the party last night.  The Gumball 3000 PUMA’s are hawt!!

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