F1: Jenson Button & Brawn GP Wins Australia Grand Prix

Talk about your upsets!  A team that was created from the ashes of the recently deceased Honda F1 team rises up gains a sponsor in Virgin, dominates qualifying, and then sweeps their first race in a team 1-2 finish!  All of this while both Ferrari’s finished outside of the points!

If you’re lost let me attempt to catch you up a bit.  In Late 2008 Honda shocked the racing community by annoucing that they were going to pull out of F1 completely.  Naturally this shocked everyone and many were hoping for a big sponsor or someone to pull through to save the team. 

After months of rumors and heresay former Honda F1 Team Principal Ross Brawn along with a few other members of management and investors bought Honda’s F1 Team assets and formed the “Brawn GP” team.  They also announced that they would retain Jenson Button and Rubins Barrichello for their driver line up.  They also shook things up by stating that they wouldn’t become another Ferrari customer and instead chose to source their engines from Mercedes.

Fast forward to this past weekend and the little team that could dominates qualifying with Jenson Button taking the pole and his teammate Ruben qualifying 2nd right next to him.  Come race day the lights go out, Jenson rockets away to an early lead, and that was pretty much all she wrote.  Jenson and Ruben spanked the whole field and brought home a 1-2 victory for their team in its first ever race, a feat that was last accomplished in the 70s!

Check out the Speed Rountable for all the news bits I may have missed

Photo: Brawn GP

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