Another Supercar..: Zenvo ST1

Every now and then RJ and I will start shooting the proverbial shizz-nit about random things.  Typically these things are automotive related like a wheel, body kit, and in this case a car.  RJ was cruising Autoblog and found a new Danish built supercar called the ST1 built by a company called Zenvo Automotive.  Apparently this thing has over 1,100HP and is pushed by a dual-charged V8.  That’s right its supercharged AND turbocharged.  As magnificent as that wasn’t really what RJ and I discussed.  Here are some more pics and the exchange we had…

RJD:  Pretty interesting concept. I can’t decide if it looks good or not. It definitely has some great lines but there are also parts of it that just look… Alien… If that makes any sense. Looks like a sci-fi car to me. I always wanted a futuristic car but now that I see one for the road – I can’t decide weather I would want to drive it around or not. Of course with over 1000hp, who wouldn’t want to drive it around.

Andy: I like the car but the “boomerang” vent that goes almost the whole length of the door is a little too much. Plus they bit the tail lights off the F430!  Other than that I think I like it. I would look better in black or red though. Someone needs to tell OEM’s and other car designers that sliver isn’t invincible and it CAN get played out.

RJD: Yeah. I totally agree. Silver is so dull. As you already know I have mixed feelings on the car as well but it looks way better than say a Spyker!!! I wonder if it’s a beefed up motor from the ZR1. Hmm…

Andy: I would say ZR1 but they said that this car started development in 04 so it could be an earlier LS series.  The ZR1 motor has only been out for a few months.  It could be a Ford engine…like from the Ford GT or the V8 from the Saleen S7.

RJD: Would be fun to find out. I mean over a thousand horsepower in a production car. That’s pretty brave.

Andy: Agreed..

I know what you’re thinking… “All that’s missing is for them to say ‘haatteedd iitt’ and then give it two snaps and a circle” but hey man that’s what we do!  Don’t judge us…because we’ll be too busy judging someone else’s car j/k  Happy Holidays!

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